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A Flying West Group?

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I think that we should start a pinned group to memorialize those of us who, like Neil Hil,  have "Flown West".


Creating this list will not be easy because we are scattered around the earth, and many of us only have an on-line and not an in person relationship with each other.


Over the years I have come to value each of you even though the only thing we have in common is a shared hobby and some life experiences. 

I only know you from this site and worry when the postings stop. 

It would help to know if one of my on-line friends has passed on.


It should start with a posting on the Old Coots Club asking "Has anybody heard from?" 

And if their passing is confirmed their name should be posted to the group in all caps with a short obituary.

Each posting would be a separate topic left open for additions or revisions.






Flew west on 20XX

postings by anyone who wants to say something about him.



If you agree with this idea please add your name to the request and maybe it will become a reality. 




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