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answered Intall Orbx Sceneries in FSX Steam Edition

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I just completed setup of new Windows 10 64bit computer.  I installed P3DV5 on an empty 1TB SSD to G:\LockheedMartinPrepare3Dv5.  I created a separate G:\Orbx Central Library.  Opened Orbx Central  4.4.14.  Orbx Central recognized my Prepare3D installation and all my Orbx products. I downed all Orbx sceneries into the G:\Orbx Central Library.  All Orbx Sceneries were installed in Prepare3Dv5 without problem.  Worked well.  My Question relates to issue with FSX Steam Edition.  On the same computer I installed Steam on an empty 1TB  SSD to H:/steam.     My FSX Steam Edition was installed to H:/steam/steamapps/common/FSX.  When I open Orbx Central it recognizes my FSX Steam Edition installation  and my Orbx products but offers no option to download.   What do I need to do to install my Orbx products into FSX Steam Edition.  I noticed an April 30 post on this Forum regarding FSX:SE beta branch.  It indicates Object Flow is compatible with FSX Steam Edition and all Orbx products are now compatible with FSX:SE.  Is this something I should consider?


Thanks for any help you can provide.



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Yes but I will have to look up how screen images are taken.  But first I may have misstated saying "no option" to download.  It would have been more accurate to say it did not recognize my products for download.  When you click on the download arrow on the top left of the screen it shows message "Download Queue-There are no products in the queue".    I don't know how to get products into the Queue as this is  automatic when P3Dv5 is selected as the Sim.   On the left side of the screen there is a listing of my Orbx products-Global, Regions, Airports, other, Misc. An empty white circle is on the right of all product entries.   Please let me know if you still need a screen image.


Thanks for your prompt response.



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