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Update Issue

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I have been a user for over 15 years and have never been so frustrated with something that should be quite easy, especially since I already did as instructed.

I am getting the update message for Chase Plane.  A month ago I migrated my CP to Orbx/Parallel as instructed and deleted my VFX.  This past week I started to get warning messages to migrate my products so I did so AGAIN.  CP,PrecipitFX,Q400 Immersion all show on my Orbex account as installed.  All are working, all have little green circles with check marks in them.  However, I am still getting the update required message each time I load P3DV4.5. The interface shows CP to be installed in: C\ProgramFiles\Parallel42\Chase plane.

The only alteration I made during was to change the path for the backup to a local external drive. Other than that I followed defaults.  How do I fix this.



P.S.  I am, of course, a registered owner of a multitude of Orbx products.  Global,VectorBldgs,Trees,OpenLC Europe and NA, Norway,Central and Northern Rockies,PacificFjords, PNW,SA and other Airports.

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No, what I mean is that my Orbx Central account, under my products show all products installed and checked in green.

Regarding the screen shot from Chase Plane you posted, when I open that I get Version v1.0.57.

What my problem is, is that Orbx looks updated but I am still getting the update prompt.

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Not when I open Orbx but every time I load P3D I get a message that I have 39(as of today) days left to Migrate Chase Plane to Orbx.  As I said, I have done this but am still getting this countdown message.

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can you go back to your Oldprop solutions account and try again?


This is from their webpage





Migrating your Purchases to Orbx

    1. 1Log into your OldProp account at oldprop.com/sim/account;
    1. 2Press the green “Migrate products to Orbx” button at the top of the page;
    1. 3Log into your Orbx Account;
    1. 4Confirm by pressing “Transfer Licenses
    1. 5Open VFXCentral.exe on your sim PC;
    1. 6Uninstall all your OldProp products. If you own ChasePlane don’t worry, your camera presets will transfer over to your new ChasePlane install. Do NOT remove the files located in %appdata%\OldProp Solutions inc\ChasePlane manually. They are required for the migration of your presets;
    1. 7Uninstall VFXCentral from the Windows Control Panel;
    1. 8Install the latest version of Orbx Central (Get it here). Products will not work with the older FTX Central.
    1. 9Launch Orbx Central and install your products. They will be found in the Utilities section.


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