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PNW Missing Texture?


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I have just purchased and installed the NA Pacific Northwest regional sceanary pack for fsx and mostly all is fine.

However one thing remains to be fixed. I am getting black 'placeholder' trees in some areas that I assume are due to a missing or misnamed texture.

This only occurs in the PNW area.

No warning is issued by FSX about texture issues.

I have run the Orbx verify option and that shows no issues.

No other addons have been installed.

I attach a screen shot below that shows the problem.


Can anyone suggest where I might look to solve this?


Thanks in advance

Andyr aka G1UUP

missing Texture.jpg

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Nick you are a gentleman and a scholar!

That fixed the issue right away.

I chose to install the patch from avsim as you suggested and all went without a hitch.

Excellent service. I will now set about buying the various up graded airports and strips in this area.


AndyR aka G1UUP

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