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I only ordered the Australia scenery i already have the NZSI scenery installed how can i stop the installation of the NZ scenery? So far the NZ scenery has taken one day, 24 hours and has not finish the install also the download has stayed on 1.77gb for all that time. 


This computer that I am downloading is not the computer that I will be using the Australian scenery on as it does not have an internet connection.

This computer does not have FSX!

Denys Clarke. 

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Hi, welcome to the forums


Please try this.


"The download queue job cache that Orbx Central will use is found at %temp%/Orbx /job-cache.json. To forcefully clear the download queue upon restart:

Delete the %temp%/Orbx /job-cache.json file.
Completely restart Orbx Central.

Be aware that if you have auto-updates enabled, these will trigger shortly after launching Orbx Central. You may want to disable this in the settings before performing the above."

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