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active TE north Cal, Frozen computer around San Francisco

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I've bought TE north Cal few days ago at the release, while it's great and have good performances most of the time, I've experienced bad freeze almost each time I fly around San Francisco, even with my settings decreased.
I coudn't even go back to windows, that couldn't find any other end than manually rebooting my PC.

Never had that in my whole P3D experience, neither with the 4.5 v nor with the v5. I had a lot of CTD at the begining with v5, but it has all gone with the last windows 10 update ( 2004 ) and I'm not experiencing any freeze of that kind in any other program or any other P3d sceneries, even with very heavy sceneries like True Earth GB south above London with max details and Orbx airports, never happened...

That is kind of preventing me to use it, since I 'm afraid that could may hit my hardware.
I was wondering if other people experienced that?



I'm using P3dv5 HF1, chaseplane, TE north Cal with Orbx Half moon bay, Lake Tahoe and Monterey airports.

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On 6/16/2020 at 4:33 PM, bcrawley57 said:

I have been getting this computer freeze too, I don’t think it’s related to North California as I have had it elsewhere.  I think it’s likely something being addressed in the hot fix from Lockheed Martin that’s due soon.

Did you also have it around San Francisco with TE north cal scenery?


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i have been flying around from Napa County without any trouble beyond the stupid Windows 10 disable enhanced windows judder - sorted as mentioned earlier today. had a few dx12 crashes but that’s more to do with Rex 3D than anything else. 

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