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Communication Error, Orbx Central Worker Failed to launch, Cant sync Xplane 11

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11 hours ago, Julio Sosa said:



Can you inform us how you did this, it would help for other's like me as I don't have it solved!


I've disabled my anti-virus and I can't get it to work, I've had this before and had to uninstall and reinstall Orbx Central just to get the scenery, I can't link with the sim as I get an error with that as well, I can't install the C++ files as I already have them installed, I'm running on admin..I'm out of idea's, please help :)


Just an idea, can we have a second option where we do it the old way with a .exe installer and serial codes like most add-on's are?

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Of course companion it is a pleasure to help you, I went to the trunk of my antivirus and restored and gave exception permission to the OrbxCentralWorker.exe file after that restart the PC and it worked, you can also only make sure that after the passage of the antivirus the Orbx Central this closed and not minimized, hope it helps you.

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