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answered Orbx Autogen entries/changes

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Hello together,


i would like to know if one of the following Orbx Products adds and/or changes autogen-entries in the "default.xml" in the "\Prepar3D v4\Autogen"-folder or adds its autogen definitions somewhere else:


Global Base

OpenLC Europe

OpenLC North America

Germany South


Global Vector

Buildings HD

TerraFlora v2

Orbx Libraries


Because when i reinstall/repair the P3D-content it rebuilds my "default.xml" and i would like to know if i have to reinstall some Orbx addons to have alle the autogen displayed correctly.


Thank you very much.



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Our default.xml file is installed with Orbxlibs and it depends on what method you use for installing - sim directory or library method.


The library uses the addon xml method and the default.xml in your Prepar3D v4\Autogen folder remains untouched.


A sim directory installation on the other hand will see that default.xml replaced with ours.


If you repair or reinstall P3D, then a verify files in Orbxlibs will get our default.xml back, plus other files like terrain.cfg. 


I always use the verify files in Orbxlibs whenever I reinstall or update P3D (and I use the library method).



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