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Issues installing

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I recently found out that I had to completely uninstall X plane and everything associated with it from my computer.  I began the slow and tedious process of installing everything again.

I managed to install X Plane 11.41 again but ran across an issue with installing Orbx sceneries.

I tried downloading Orbx TE but keep getting error messages.  (see attachments)

I have tried multiple times to "Verity Files" to no avail.  Several files are failing to convert.

The same thing happens to all of the Orbx libraries I own.  Although there are green check marks next to the owned libraries, upon loading x plane I get an error message stating certain files are missing.  Then X Plane closes.

Can you please help me with this?

Installation error.png

Installation error 2.png

Orbx up to date.png



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in order to diagnose a problem with Orbx Central, a copy of the Orbx Central log will be needed please.

You can find it at Orbx Central\Settings\Help, open it and save a copy before attaching that to your next post.


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