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Request by Developer - MIlvz King Air 350i Issue

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Good Morning, I have been requested by Milvz to get in contact with you to request the registration key for my King Air 350i due to issues with the aircraft that was purchased through Orbx Central.


I have attached a snapshot of their forums of the request. Its stated that I couldn't email Orbx (as per your support tab) but don't want to put my details here. Can someone please PM or email me with how I can get this serial key as per their request?


Thank you.




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1 minute ago, Mitchell Williamson said:



You can get your registration key by opening the P3D\Milviz\MVKA350i.ini file.


Are you having issues installing the KA350i? If so, we can troubleshoot this issue with you. We'll need the information from the thread below to get started:



Thanks mate, no install was fine. It's the flight dynamics.

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