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Floating buidings at Bowerman KHQM

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I know this is freeware but it has bothered me for a while now. I had this in FSX and in P3D 4+. Always the same ones. With the new update I thought maybe it was fixed, but no. It doesn't mater what my settings are they are there. Is there a fix or because this is freeware it is a live with it type of thing. here are some screenshots.

Off the right wing here.



to the right of the compass



Hard to miss here.



Has anyone else ever noticed this? It's just them there and that's it.


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As I said this has been on two different computers and reloaded about 3 or 4 times, and it just did an update. so if it's still doing the same thing in V5, and as some have said in different places, is it P3D's fault, I don't think so. Just saying, S. H. and live with it. After reading more into the LM Forum posts. I've lived it with from FSX to P3D v4+and 2 computers, over 5 years now. It will seem to be a live with it factor. I'm OK with that. Case Closed.  Thanks Doug.  John

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I see the same floating houses with my V5.


This happens up and there in the world (not only the Orbx regions).


LM developpers are adviced and it seems that the correction is very hard. They know why it happens, but the conditions to solve are complex.



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