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Mr Stuart Reid

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Your Central log file provides us important information, please attach it to your support requests. You can find it at the following locations, or by pressing Control + Shift + L.

  • Windows: %APPDATA%/Orbx/Central/central.log
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Orbx/Central/central.log
  • Linux: ~/.config/Orbx/Central/central.log

You can delete this box/quote once your log is attached




Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  X-Plane 11


Issue:  My computer system crashed and I had to perform a recovery process. Once my system was up and running I performed all programs were running properly. X-Plane 11 operates correctly and all the scenery and airports previously purchased from Orbx run properly and can be located in the appropriate folder. My problem is when I enter Orbx Central none of my purchases are listed. The program shows I am logger into Orbx Central. I would be most grateful if you could provide a solution to the above problem. Many thanks, Stu Reid. My email address for the Orbx account is


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all your products should be listed if you are logged in to the correct account.

I have tried various means but I am unable to locate an Orbx Direct account for you at all.

Can you give me a transaction number please?

I removed your e mail address from your post, we know what it is and posting it on a forum

can invite unwanted attention .

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