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Install stalls on Orbx Central/No Orbx AppData Files

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Hi guys...im a newbie. just purchased Florida HD for Xplane 11and been having a lot of errors downloading Orbx Central from communication errors to cant find simulator to stalling. checked out forms made sure i have the system requirements also went into appdata files and looked at logs. i did what some of the forms said to do and now im stuck on stalling when downloading... ONE BIG PROBLEM now is no Orbx appdata files so i cant even go in there and find the uninstaller to delete it also I cant even send you a log file...grrr...what a mess! and now when i try to delete it it says missing path to delete...uggg. What to do next???

    Didnt think that there would be such a problem to use this program...

          The scenery looks amazing and was hoping to be able to use it.         

                                 Plzzz....can someone help!!!




Operating system: intel(R) Core(TM) i7 -7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz    32 GB RAM

                                     VIDEO CARD    Gforce  1060 6g   

Simulator:   XPlane 11


Issue:  Can't install Orbx Central ?


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