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Cannot fix Error: Could not download and save the mainifest.

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I have just returned to FSXSE after a 18 month layoff to concentrate on other projects. Found many changes in that time including Orbx Central which I downloaded. I first of all tried updating sceneries but couldn't due to Orbx libraries not being up to date. When I tried downloading the latest libraries, I get the error message: 'Could not download and save manifest' see below. I found a possible solution in Orbx Central User Guide relating to firewall blockages. Tried the fixes as outlined but still same message appears.




In a desperate move I uninstalled all my Orbx sceneries and then FSXSE. Then I formatted the drive so I could start with a clean load in a hope to repair error. Unfortunately the same error shows up on clean load. Went through fix procedure again but same result and Windows 10 firewall is disabled plus my payware firewall turned off. I am happy starting from scratch with a clean load, but I also would really love to have my Orbx Sceneries loaded. Also looking forward to purchasing more.

Can you please help??

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