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resolved Issue with KSAN default terminal building

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Hello Everyone,


First time posting, so forgive me if I did not get it right.

I did notice in the forums the posting about roof issues at KSAN, but that post sounded like an issue with Orbx buildings, and I do not have that product installed.

I have Global Base, LC North America and Southern California installed among other Orbx sceneries.

I am still getting the default terminal buildings causing Orbx KSAN V2 terminal building to not display correctly.

I have tried all of the old fixes for V4.5 but have not had any luck. 

I do have have FTX Southern California Mode ticked in the KSAN control Panel.

transaction id: 5eb62be934fbd


Thanks in advance,









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Hello Ray,

welcome to the forums.

This has nothing at all to do with Buildings HD or indeed the KSAN product.

It is the result of running it in P3D v5.

Following the earlier report, I have added it already to the internal list of things that

need to be checked.

One day, the KSAN developer, @Matteo Veneziani might even read it.

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Hi all,


Please make sure to have these files turned to .OFF

( ill investigate why the control panel seems to not working in p3dv5 which is very weird )



NA Southern California\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SCA05_SCENERY\scenery







NA Southern California\Orbx\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_SCA06_CVX\scenery



Anyway now the fastes solution is to manually write .OFF after each of the above files.




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Thanks for the response.

All of the above files showed disabled by KSAN. I changed them to .BGL.OFF and removed the disabled by KSAN.

This file was never disabled  and so I also manually changed it to .BGL.OFF - FTX_SCA_POI_objects_SanDiego_CBD-df.BGL.OFF

After doing this, I still have the same issue.








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I have carried out the update and all terminal roofs look great.


However, I do still seem to have a problem with default downtown buildings bleeding through add-on downtown buildings.


I've included a screenshot of KSAN from the products page plus a screenshot I've taken.


Any one noticed this or can advise?






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On 12/5/2020 at 3:57 PM, UnitedBill35 said:

I am on P3DV4.5 I too am getting double scenery both Orbx KSAN with default mixed in but I do not use Southern CA I can't fly with it, it drags my frames too far down but I am still getting double scenery.. How to fix it ?? I forget


Hi there. I am having similar issues around KNZY (North Island) using P3D v4.5 (sunken buildings). Were you able to fix this? Help would be great appreciated!

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1 hour ago, Paymon said:

Hi there. I am having similar issues around KNZY (North Island) using P3D v4.5 (sunken buildings). Were you able to fix this? Help would be great appreciated!



the answer to your problem and possible all of these reported problems is to set the KSAN control panel to correctly reflect what else is installed.

I have answered your topic.

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