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TE Washington SD - Objects not loading beyond a certain distance

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I just purchased TE Washington SD and while objects like trees and buildings seem to load properly once moving to a different area, they either fail to load or as I realized after some debugging, and pausing x-plane to take screenshots, they take a very long time to do so.


Doing Developer -> Reload the Scenery will reload the objects again for that specific zone.


I tested with both X-Plane 11.50b6 - Vulkan enabled (main install) and a brand new 11.41r1 install on Ubuntu 18.04.

3 after dev reload scene.png

2 after a minute.png

1 initial.png


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Note that same happens in city. Very very few building will be loaded, and after a while on pause, they may all load.


Also attaching graphics settings for 11.41r1 (same as the log and previous screenshots).

graphics settings.png

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I just did a test same settings on my midrange system, don't have that problem on a normal flight.


However if I fly too fast for the scenery it does indeed not load the autogen, but that usually happens at 8x speed, not normal speed.



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Hi John,


Wow thank you for the super fast response!


I did indeed reproduce the issue by flying at 8x which is part of my regular flight experience these days. While I enjoy flying over Tacoma as much as the next guy, I'm in quarantine at home with my wife and 2 toddlers. If I get 30 minutes of flying time, I'd rather be selective where I do bush flying.


I can't reproduce the same issue with other sceneries (incl. HD sceneries like Everest 3D by DAINESE and BELLINI) or no scenery at all for that matter.


Any work around other than flying at normal speed to offer so that I may still enjoy TE WA SD? For example, is it that TE WA is more aggressive in optimizing and drops refresh events or is the loading simply that much heavier and takes more time?

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I did additional tests. It does seem that the issue is worse in 11.50.


I can fly at 110 knots around 2000 feet at 2x or 4x in 11.41r1. At 2x it's seamless, at 4x I can often see them generate not too far ahead of me.


In 11.50, at normal speed, 110 knots, 8500 feet over the Cascades in a straight line on autopilot for ~10 minutes, I eventually overrun it. So there is a regression in 11.50b6.

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