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Orbx road map for TE

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On 5/24/2020 at 10:18 AM, flybius said:

Being from New England, my interest lies with the following release strategy:


Since the West coast is now continuous,  and you have started the east coast with FL, I would like to see the Northeast next, then work down the coast to FL... Then maybe add a mid US area like Chicago/St Louis for stop over flights across the US.


I also would be interested in global TE versions that were distributed in reasonably sized chunks... Maybe time zones would be a reasonable distribution?



Chicago already exists with airports very well made by DD.     MO would be great

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11 hours ago, chifan90 said:

so what's next? can you guys make an announcement 


As JV stated a month ago or so, they are working on an European country other than Italy.

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22 minutes ago, chifan90 said:

Lame,  why make an announcement if it is vague.  Better say nothing at all. 


To keep you on your toes and to stop you falling asleep.  See, Orbx looks after your welfare as well as your scenery needs.


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