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active CYBD v5 CTD and artifacts around trees

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This not an HF issue per se, it is a v5 issue.


Since I installed V5 and Orbx CYBD (as well as Pacific Fjords, PNW NRM etc), I have never been able to land at CYBD. I always get a CTD on approach, about 6 miles from RWY05, just by the turn of the valley. I was on a flight coming in from CYZT and up until there all seemed OK. I have never had this problem anywhere else to my knowledge (as far as I have explored).  I did not have it in v4.5 HF2.


I am running Win 10 and have an i5 4690K at 4.4GHz, 32Gb RAM, with GTX1080 graphics card. The monitor says I am using 4.0 Gb out of 6.7 available and CPU is around 60-70%, Settings in v5 are high but they have mostly been working well for me. I am running TrueSky on Ultra and water on high, cloud shadows med/high. I coudl dial back sttings but I |don't know why it is happening.


Crash dump message from the event viewer is VCRUNTIME140.dll.


Anyone else have this problem?


I am also observing nasty white AA artifacts around HD trees in v5 HF1.


Thanks for any help - this is really frustrating...




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Just an update for anyone interested.


Uninstalled Orbx CYBD, and presto - I can land again.


I know from other posts that VCRuntime140.dll CTD can sometimes be related to incompatible add ons.


All I ask is could someone else test this? - i.e. someone who has the CYBD add on scenery. The Orbx regional version of CYBD works perfectly (I think it's in Pacific Fjords?).






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Actually I wondered whether there's a clue in what's different about CYBD.


I noticed CYBD has it's own dynamic vegetation (which I otherwise have turned off)? Because otherwise Orbx scenery works pretty well in V5 from what I've seen so far.



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Just did a flight from CZMT to CYBD.  Got the blue circle of death.  I am also using PILOTS Ultimate Mesh v5.   This is my first crash in years.   arrrrgh!


Crash recurred exactly as I was coming around the corner of the left turn .


My current version is 1.05.

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