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FSX:SE beta branch - we are now compatible!

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Hi all,


ObjectFlow is now compatible with the FSX: Steam Edition beta branch currently available on Steam. This means you can now use all your Orbx products with this version of FSX. Previously, this version of FSX would crash on launch when using Orbx products. 


If you are not using this beta and wish to start using it, you can follow the guide on Steam.


In order for this to work with Orbx scenery, please check you have done the following:

  1. Check you have opted into the beta on Steam and FSX:SE has updated.
  2. Launch Orbx Central
  3. Check Orbx Central is on version 4.0.7 or later (on the settings page)
  4. Update Orbx Libraries (if you are already up to date, press Verify Files)
  5. Launch FSX:SE
  6. Press 'Yes' if prompted to run ObjectFlow
  7. Enjoy!
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