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No activation in P3D 5 from ext folder


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  • Created an external folder "Orbx library"
  • From FTX central (last vers.) installed all Orbx products inside it (Att. 2)
  • Checked the .xml files (Att.0+1)
  • Afetr re-opening P3D v5 no add-on has been added to the "Scenery Add-on" library.

  Hoping that no .xml might be damaged, what could happen if I try to delete manually all the "Orbx Scenery" and reinstall it? 

    Since this folder is placed in the same HD "E" of the sim, does make any sense to let it outside or it's better to install the add-ons in P3D main folder? I possibly thought wrongly that it was better not to fill up the main directory.

  Thanks for any help & regards,









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7 hours ago, Doug Sawatzky said:



I would leave everything as you have installed it and then go to settings\help and run the sync simulator function.

I Doug, thanks a lot; I forgot the sync option! I'll send a feedback, may I?


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Hi Doug,

  just for the record, why - after verifying Europe & North America files - I'm seeing those three partial Orbx add-ons in the scenery library checked (that shouldn't be, actually, if I'm not wrong) apart from the very same files placed in the external Orbx Library folder?



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