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Out of Place Entries in Scenery Library?

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Issue: I'm unsure if two Orbx entries in my Scenery Library are needed or not. As background, I installed P3Dv5, made sure it ran correctly (and what frame rates! :wub:), then went about dismantling my v4.5 install. I established a v5 section in my Orbx Library, copied over all the entries from the Library v4 folder to the v5 one, then completed the uninstall. After weeding out the entries in the Orbx Library folder for sceneries not yet v5 compliant, things looked and worked great. But as I added third party sceneries, and adjusted the insertion point to keep the Orbx entries below the new third party scenery ones, I noticed two Orbx files that won't play nice and insist on staying above a couple of my third party entries. These two entries are shown by yellow arrows, with my lowest third party scenery at the green arrow. It's also the one selected for the insertion point.




I've seen Nick's advice of "Don't worry about how the Scenery Library looks, worry about how the sim looks." I can't find the two entries in the Add-ons section to turn them off, and without mucking around scripts and .xml files, then flying around a lot to see if it matters, I don't know how I would tell if they matter. Also, in other screenshots I've seen in the support sections, I've only seen the entries underneath Seattle X. So I'm now wondering if the two yellow arrowed entries might be due to copy/pasting everything from the old v4 folder.


My questions are: (1) are these two entries necessary?, (2) does anyone else with v5 see these two entries either on top of "FTXAA_ORBXLIBS" or anywhere else?, (3) if needed, are they OK where they are, as all the other scenery I've added settles in on top of them?, (4) if they need to be moved somewhere else in the Orbx block, how do I get them there (the KSFO and Seattle sceneries were added after the ones above them)?


Thanks in advance for the help.


Operating system:  Win 10 Pro 64 bit, all current updates

Simulator:  P3Dv5 initial version


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Hello, there is a section about this in the Central user guide:




There are some Orbx entries at the bottom and/or at the top of my scenery library.
Some Orbx products when installed into a library have additional scenery entries. These entries have unique layering requirements and therefore you may see the following:

  • Orbx Elevation Stubs
    • These typically sit near the bottom of the scenery library and are used to achieve correct airport elevation
  • Orbx Scenery Global, Orbx Scenery xxxx
    • These are files that are usually installed into the P3D\Scenery\* directories when installing directly into the simulator.
  • Orbx Libraries Lookup, Orbx Libraries Global, etc.
    • Some of the Orbx Libraries entries do not have layering rules and will usually sit at the top of the scenery library. These do not need to be placed in any specific place.



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Thanx, Mitchell. Please consider this closed. I later remembered the comment you copied (appreciated though), but wanted to be sure they were OK not only at the top of the library but with stuff (there's several more now) between them and the rest of the library. Things seem to be OK so far, thus, no worries.

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