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answered Ketchikan Airport + NA Pacific Fjords total mess


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Orbx order receipt 5e9ef4904c309

Orbx order receipt 5ea18b454110d


Hello, after installing both sceneries through Central 4, Ketchikan airport consists of 2 runways on top of each other. The lowest shows the elevation of PAKT of 90 ft, the one above 230 ft. Both can be used for TO, thank you very much... I applied the AEC auto-configuration. No change. I'm afraid I was a bit rash purchasing those products considering all similar problems I encoutered after perusal of the forum. A lot of them unresolved. Please, advise or refund. Thanks.

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welcome to the forums and thank you for your remarks.


There are no Global Vector files for PAKT, so it cannot cause a problem.

You could try verify files for PFJ and then for PAKT.


It is not a faulty product, as you appear to be saying, here it is at work.











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Hi Nick, thanks for your reply. However, telling me the products are not faulty on your system and presumably on those of happy customers doesn't help me much... All my other Orbx sceneries work OK in combination with a lot of other addons. Except Ketchikan + Pacific Fjords which is a nightmare. Using SceneryConfigEditor to both disable FTX_AA_PAKT and the 4 FTX_NA_PFJ's sets me back to the default PAKT airport of P3Dv4.5 academic latest version. Of course without any scenery enhancements but also without any issues and no double decker runways. The moment I enable ANYONE of Orbx PAKT or Orbx PFJ sceneries the London RWY bus is there again with floating vehicles and trees around. Layer priorities are set as follows: first Orbx!VECTOR's, then FTX_A_PAKT, FTX_NA regions (including PFJ), Tongas Fjords, Orbx!OPENLC_NA's, FS Global Ultimate DL's and finally the base scenery of P3Dv4.5. No errors stated. Could some .xml files I'm not aware of be the problem? Please, advise. Thanks in advance.

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I tried your scenery library in my copy of P3D v4 and it did this,




 because you have changed all the default scenery entries.


I see that you have made this scenery library yourself from scratch and placed

the Vector entries all together and above all the other Orbx entries.




I replicated this, using my own scenery.cfg file and saw this, which I expect is

what you mean by "Ketchikan Airport + NA Pacific Fjords total mess"




I then put the Vector entries back where they should be and restarted the simulator.




Five Vector scenery library entries should be placed just below Africa




and the Orbx!VECTOR_AEC entry should be just above default scenery.




Orbx Central should be used to do this for you, however your scenery library is so far from

the original that instead, I would recommend that you do that manually.




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Good Morning Nick,


Thanks for your investigation. I indeed manually configured my scenery.cfg because IF I let Central 4 do the job I receive each time again +300 errors... Apparently Central is ignorant of my P3Dv4.5 installation folder which is on a SSD drive "Z". Installing anything Orbx scenery on the so called freely creatable libraries outside the P3Dv4.5 main location results in even more issues... Maybe Central is perfect for only Orbx products on Orbx computer systems. Definitely not on my Win 10 system which I assume quite healthy as I only run into problems with the implementation of Orbx PAKT + PFJ.


Although I love the eye candy and overall very nice detailed sceneries of Orbx, I have no intention to throw away all my other products. As I stated before all my sceneries including all Orbx products worked flawlessly with the scenery.cfg I sent you with the latest version of P3D4.5. Until I first bought PAKT with double decker RWY's as result, then NA Pacific Fjords hoping this was indeed necessary for good functioning of PAKT. Still resulting in a total mess in Katchikan.


I will modify my scenery.cfg as per your kind advise and let you know asap the results of this intervention. Meanwhile have a nice day.



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Hi Nick,


Good news! Your advise did the trick. All surrealistic mirages are gone and all my mega sceneries are enjoyable again. Thank you very much. To celebrate I made a little flight with the F-22 Raptor (it's a Lockheed Martin sim after all) in Ketchikan in the weather of the day. The vid is is a little bit jerky, but still enjoyable in your great Alaskan scenery of Ketchikan. Unfortunately with 166 MB too big to be send in attachment. I'd be happy to send it by any other means available should you let me know. Great day to you. M ;)

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