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No AG at Skiathos after reinstalling Orbx the XML way outside P3Dv5 root


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Hello team,


In P3Dv4 I have Skiathos showing AG by using the XML way. All my Orbx scenery were installed the cfg way and in the main root.

With P3Dv5 I choose to redownload all my Orbx addons with Central 4.1.16 and place them in a Library outside P3Dv5. I can see that the default Autogen folder in the P3Dv5 root remained untouched.


However, after installing 29Palms Skiathos the XML way , exactly like in P3Dv4 there is no AG showing up.

I tried using Central to make an insertion point for all Orbx scnery below Skiathos and its Libraries but no difference.


After sending several files to 29Palms they came back to me and wrote that probably Orbx has replaced all autogen below their priority. 


As Orbx does not modify the default Autogen folder like in P3Dv4 I guess that there has been choosen another way to take control of it and have their own custom definiton files + default.xml file take over.


Two other at Avsim who immigrated all Orbx scenery and used the cfg way have no issues with Skiathos AG, like I do not in P3Dv4 with Orbx the cfg way..


 What can I do so Skiathos P3Dv5 can use their default xml file and definition files and they are not overruled by the Orbx files ?






Operating system:  W10 1909

Simulator:  P3Dv5





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After doing a lot of testing I solved the issue :


I have Skiathos working now..
And it wasn’t Orbx causing it but the order in the Addons.cfg file.

I took all Addons out of the Docs/P3Dv5 folder and only left Skiathos + Libraries and FSUIPC in there.

Immediately all AG appeared.
I then put back all other Addons back incl FranceVFR and also then Skiathos had AG.

Only FranceVFR has extra Autogen folders.
To be sure again I took all Addons out of the Docs\P3Dv5 folder but this time I left all FranceVFR Addons.
I reloaded and shut down P3Dv5.
Then I added Skiathos and guess what .. no AG.

After that I first added Skiathos and after a reload/shutdown I added all other Addons. Skiathos remained with AG.

My conclusion : in P3Dv5 the order in the addons.cfg file is important.
I do not know exactly but it seems that larger scenery overrule smaller scenery if the larger scenery is higher in the order.
If a small scenery is higher in the order it does not overrrule the larger scenery...

Regards, Gerard

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