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answered Extrusion in North Italy

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sorry for the bad english.

In P3Dv5 i installed all the Orbx products for this simulator. Taking off from LIMN you can see this anomaluos and solid extrusion: fling throug the simultion it stops due to impact aganist an obstacle. The Orbx product used in the area are: Global base (5C68E-BECA3-455F4), Global openLC Europe (F6B37-5DB5E-9826F), Trees HD (0D4D9-2DBC9-23963), Global Buildings HD (5d1872a15dddb).

I have tried both Verify and reinstallation of openLC Europe, but to no avail.

I am also disappointed by the choice not to bring Vector: many POI in Italy are thus eliminated. Is an Italian region concevaible?

Best regards

Maurizio Rizzotto


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Here we are above the city of Milan and you see a skyscraper in the foreground ... too high,  the San Siro football stadium in the background larger than normal and in the background the artifact of the river near LIMC

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To understand the difference with reality, the skyscraper in the foreground in the center of the photo is the 127-meter high Pirelli skyscraper  in Milan which is compatible with the scenario while the Generali skyscraper is 177 meters high, that is only 50 meters more than the Pirelli skyscraper and it is evident that this scenario can compete with...  Burj Khalifa of Dubai!


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It should not be a problem to be attributed to Orbx but to P3D 5.


By launching an original files of P3D 5 and therefore without Orbx addons in these two photos you can see the same artifacts.






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