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There is a big piece of China missing

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I posted this in Vector as it is supposed to model rivers and lakes right?


I was flying in China and found an interesting highway on a beautiful lake, and said oh wow those Chinese... but then noticed  that one of the roads simply ended in the middle of the lake and found it suspicious




I copied my coordinates




And pasted them in Google and voilà, P3D or Vector swallowed a whole island 






Hope this can be fixed







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Piece of cake!  Nothing was broken here, the island is just missing completely.  There do appear to be a lot of water features on the island (mostly irrigation canals) but I didn't add those.  The quality of the vector data is so-so in Asia anyway; I noticed in flights through the area that there are often swaths of rivers missing.  It would be quite an undertaking just to find all the errors, let alone fix them.


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