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Central is not installing addons correctly

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Recently done a complete fresh install of FSX:SE on a clean SSD.
Installed all my Orbx sceneries, those work fine, but when it came to installing my two Milvis products it shows a red box under "Compatibility" with nothing in it, and when I install them the DHC-2 starter doesn't turn the engine over and changing any FS perimeters causes a crash. The PC6 causes an all-round crash every time you try to load  it. Also, every time after the install is complete the install bar does not go away...... (screenshot attached)

Everything is installing in the right directories, and I must have reinstalled and verified the files dozens of times. I just can't find a solution............. any ideas? It worked on my old setup




Operating system:  WIndows 10

Simulator:  FSX:SE


Issue: Central does, but also doesn't recognize my sim...............? 




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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @Corsair016


Can you provide a screenshot of the red box under compatibility? If something incompatible is installed, this may point to the cause of the crashes.


With regards to the install bar not going away, this is expected behaviour in the latest version of Central. You can simply click the 'X' to remove completed jobs from your download queue.

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