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Orbx Central message to update SODE

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As you probably know, SODE was updated earlier today to v1.6.8. I used its stand-alone installer downloaded from SODE's website and updated it already to v1.6.8.

In Central I'm having the message that a newer version is available (in fact, it points to v1.6.7, now superseded by v1.6.8), because several weeks ago I mistakenly installed SODE using Orbx Central while I had installed it before using its own stand-alone installer on its default installation directory (C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE).

As per the picture below, it's evident that Central recognizes I have already v1.6.8 on my computer (and I can also confirm that SODE is working well here).

What should I do to delete in Central to avoid it calling for an update, when the original installation and the recent update was already performed in the way described before?.

Thanks for your help, but find annoying those update messages.

Cheers, Ed





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