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new airports and part of UK south not working

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I was happily flying along in my newly aquired Marchetti SF260 from Shoreham to the Isle of white when I got the attached error message, I also cannot load 4 of my newly aquired airports in this area of the UK which is definatley south england, all new files have been downloaded and verified without any issues, can somebody take a look at the attached XP log and see if they can work out whats happening please?

pic 1.png


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The message is indicative that the TEGB South addon did not complete it's conversion process from jpg to dds imagery. This is normally due to a lack of free disk space on the disk drive.

Please clarify for me the amount of free space you have on the drive you want to install on.

Please clarify the amount of free space you have on the drive you are downloading onto (not installing on) if it a separate drive from the installation drive.

Where is your Temp folder located? By default it is normally on C drive and may be needed to be moved to a drive with more free space.

Finally, have you read the link I posted and if so do you meet ALL the requirements, and if necessary made all the adjustments that may be relevant in your particular situation?

I know it's a lot of questions, but as i am not at your PC I need as much info as possible:)



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10 hours ago, Bob Allum said:

Hi Jon

I have one drive and it has 675gGB free of 930GB


The temp folder is located......




I'm confident its been set up a sper all the requirements

Thanks Bob.

In that case please attach your Orbx Central log file available via Orbx Central/settings/help so that the Orbx Central team can take a look to see what the problem may be.

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@Nick Cooper Hello Nick. Bob's problem relates to an incomplete install despite having the required free space as he only has one disk drive with ample room for a download and install.

There are many cases of incomplete conversions happening and not all are related to a lack of free space as this case testifies.

Please pass this thread over to the Orbx Central team to look at and advise Bob as to the problem.  His Central log is in the above post.Thanks

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