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there are not many reasons for buildings to be missing from Orbx regional airports.

They are:

The region is not installed or active.

The Orbx Libraries are not installed or not active.

The scenery complexity sliders are too far to the left.

The scenery configuration is corrupt.

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hi Nick,

thanks for your reply...

as follows

Region is installed

Libraries installed

Sliders full right as per guide

no scenery cfg error that i can find... (im using scenery configurator v1.1.9) which shows no errors

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Hi all...

still not seeing terminal buildings , only jetways. As per my original screenshot.....


Libray files uninstalled and reinstalled, as well as being verified.


Something i have noticed is that the library files are installed as follows:-


Drive:\ Microsoft \ FSX \ Orbx \ FTX_AU \ FTXAA_ORBXLIBS    (spacing for clarity)


Does this look correct ??


Any help appreciated as im now puzzled...

The surrounding sceenrey looks awesome... just a let down now with the airports !!


Many thanks









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that is not an error, it just means that you have not yet assigned a program to open a *.cfg file.

Notepad will open it, set that as your default to stop seeing the message.

In any case, you do not need to open it, just attach a copy of it to your next post please.

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Hello Paul,

you seem to have the Insertion Point still set below Africa, which has

resulted in Vector being above almost everything else of Orbx.

Please try again:


On 4/10/2020 at 3:05 PM, Nick Cooper said:


you appear to have set the Insertion Point below Africa.

Please go back to the Insertion Point page.

Set Airports and Regions below UK2000 Common Library and

open LC below Airports and Regions


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