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Help for the correct order in the library


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I have a problem with the Orbx products.
First of all I would like to mention that I can't write well with English and therefore I am using a translator for this text. Please for understanding. Thanks


1. my problem lies in the arrangement of the Orbx products in the library and I wanted to know if someone who knows a lot about the Orbx products could help me.


The products I have are:
- Base Pack
- openLC Europe
- Vector
- Buildings HD
- Tress HD
- Libraries
- ObjectFlow
- Regions: (England, Scotland, Great Britain Libraries, Great Britain Central, Great Britain North, Great Britain South)


In one PDF there is a diagram in which layers are displayed, but only in the generally rough version.
How should my products in the library look like as an order then?


2. must the TrueEarth products be above or below the UK region.

3. where should the products be located like Buildings HD, Tress HD, ObjectFlow and Libraries? All above or in the middle. 
Same question, if I install other software from Aerosoft, Justsim and so on, do the Buildings HD, Tress HD, ObjectFlow and Libraries products need to be above or below the non Orbx products?


I would be very happy if an experienced person could record the exact library for me.


Thank you in advance and I wish you all to stay healthy in these difficult times.


Greetings from Germany, Benne :)

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Jack. I have Prepar v4. 5. I understand your instructions perfectly. I'm not a novice. Orbx airports and Regions I inserted after my last set script. Orbx Global open LC I inserted after Orbx airports and Regions. If you put a check mark in Enable Legacy Layering, it turns out what is on the screen. Central issues an error.

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What kind of warning?

In order not to waste your precious time, the question was about the correct order of Orbx scenes in the library. So you don't need to leave it to Central. You just show some file or image where this is explained. I'll arrange it manually.

With respect

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1 hour ago, Ron Ronov said:

What kind of warning?


Sorry, I had, perhaps foolishly though that you had read the warning that is written above to the Legacy tick box.

If you do not use the Legacy tick box, Orbx Central does indeed arrange the Orbx scenery blocks where you ask it to put them.

Do not tick the Legacy box.

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49 minutes ago, Jack the Swede in Spain said:

2. To change xml-added sceneries you have to use the Lorby Add-on Organizer.

I have a LORBY addonorganizer


8 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

Do not tick the Legacy box.

Thank you very much for your help Nick

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