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OLC Africa - It is really that yellowish / sandish in Africa?


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Hi Orbx,

Let me first thank you for giving us OLC Africa. It was my most look-forward-to add-on (with OLC Asia) and I bought it instantly.

As one who never been to Africa (well, only to Tunisia), I am unsure if I simply imagined Africa in colors that have nothing in common with reality or if something is a bit off? So maybe somebody with travel experience can clarify on this for me:

I always imagined West Africa and East Africa to be  more green with lush vegetation. There is of course a dry and a wet season at most places. But right now it looks a bit strange in the sim. Uganda, DRC, Rwanda are very yellowish / dried out and the wet seasons seems to be totally missing. The same for West Africa, which looks a bit like fall in Europe. And I tried various months in the sim before posting here. Moreover, I compared some places with screenshots posted by Nick and they are similar to my setup. So everything should be installed correctly.

OLC Africa is a huge product sold a bargain price and I am very thankful for the discount.

But does it really look the whole year that dry in Africa? 

My shots were done in Lomé, Togo and Entebbe, Uganda.

Real life:





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Yes, Vector is installed. And you are right, it could need some improvements. But at the same time it looks very good in Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, and so on. In the end, It is a question of source date. For me, Vector is one of the most essential add-ons and I would not want to miss it.

Back to topic:
Many of the fellow users here already have OLC Africa. Maybe somebody could post a similar shot from Lomé? I really begin to wonder if something is off with my installation.

And to add something positive: North Africa and Egypt look very nice. Great improvement there. 

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I am sure that the Vector data will have been a bit sub-standard in places but it does improve things none the less.

Given that all the Google Earth images seem to have been taken in December, unless you can find other imagery, we don't

really know how green or otherwise it might be at other times of the year.

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I did a bit of flying around Lake Victoria and Kilimanjaro and yeah, it seems a bit too arid. I did set the sim date to January, maybe it's a seasonal thing?


In another topic, I also think the OpenLC version of the Pacific coast of Central America is a bit too dry as well.

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Hi Guys,

              I haven't been to Africa but I have seen some of South Americas coastal regions where all of the rain falls on the other side of the huge mountain range,Peru gets no rain only sea mists for instance, so you really need to know a lot of the climate in the area before commenting too much,great work by the team anyway,Doc.

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