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1 hour ago, Bugdani said:

Despite "Land class" and "mesh", it'is the forgotten continent: Would like some nice airportsand/or cities...

I totally agree!

I've mentioned this before: I wouldn't mind paying for an enhancement pack with Orbx enhanced airports and POI's across the continent.

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You are quite right, at one time Orbx contemplated addressing this. There are some excellent airports for Brazil, by one developer. But beyond that there is little. Still you can do the Sao Paulo to Rio shuttle, and it does look good with Orbx Landclass and Trees.

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I myself am aiming for the little and middle size airports for GA and the ATR-42.

The lack of these kinds of airports makes me not going there since the purchase.

For me personally, if Africa follows the same route, I will not purchase it.

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I think you guys check at the wrong sites then.

There really are lots of airports for SA. Since OpenLC SA was released, the continent really came to live. You can scatter Colombia with payware airports for example. Also major cities all across the continent are covered.

Even before release of OpenLC Africa, even Africa is covered really good with payware airports. Simply look it up at major addon sites...


Of course you can't expect development of little airfields in these vast regions.


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I would say it is not black-or-white for South America. There is SOME payware for Brazil (I have Salvador, Rio, Sao Paulo) and I think there is also Santiago and Quito. If you have some for Colombia, fine.

But indeed the continent is by far not covered with all these small Israels Farm, Longview Ranch, Yellowstone, Palm Springs, Telluride or Jackson Hole - like airfields. And there would be a lot options...


The same is / will be true for Africa.

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