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An Irish Windsock Problem

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On 3/13/2020 at 7:34 AM, BaiterOne said:

The attached pics show the Windsocks I see in P3D V3, Irish airfields in EU Ireland. Orbx Central says that all is ok with my installation. Anything I can do to fix this?


Wow. Them Irish are clever. Never seen that before.:D

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I must admit that I am very disappointed with the lack of action on the windsock problem in the airports in Orbx. I have since found that the same problem pictured above exists in EU England too. The problem makes a laugh of the 'realism' of the airports. I notice that windsocks have been a problem since 2016 or so, though I have not found this problem mentioned in the forums before. To think that I also bought EU Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too - I can only presume that the airports in these regions exhibit the same stupidity. Did I say that I was disappointed? :-(

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Thanks for your response. The pic below shows the windsock in EGAE Eglington in Northern Ireland. It never moves whatever direction the wind is coming from, nor changes shape with the speed of the wind. I have now checked random airfields in Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. All exhibit the same problem with the windsock. Non Orbx airports in other locations appear to be fine. I am presuming that the problem windsock is an Orbx generated part of the airport and not a P3Dv3 problem. Is there anything I can do to make things work. Where does it find the windsock? EU Ireland was bought in June 2019, the others are just recently bought. 




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I had been flying around the Orbx airports in Ireland and the UK but really got tired of seeing those dreadful abominations they call "windsocks". I moved my Stearman and my Cub to the US for which I haven't bought the dodgy windsocks. A lot of Euros were spent on Orbx scenery for all of the UK and Ireland - what a waste! It seems that users of P3DV3 were just abandoned and left with a flawed product and no support - I actually like the scenery itself but the airports are wrecked by the windsock problem.

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Here's a couple from my installation. Every airport I've checked in AU v2, England region, South Island NZ region exhibit same thing. The launceston one is interesting with the yellow windsock working beside the fixed red one and two circles of cones. 


Does anybody who is using P3d v3 have a different experience with windsocks at Launceston or YWOR?








Conversely KAFO and KAIK show working windsocks. I have NA land class installed.


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Good news. Recognizable windsocks are now visible at airfields all over Ireland. This one is at Eglington EGAE. They don't react to wind strength or direction but they are lots better than the previous versions. Don't use them as an aid to take-off or land. Great stuff!

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