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Missing sceneries

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Hi Guys,

Last night I downloaded (supposed to have), NA Pacific Northwest Ferries, and 2S1 Vashon Island, on completion, both said " successfully installed."

This morning when checking my products list, I don't see either of these items listed. Could somebody advise me as to where I might find them. Thanks



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3 hours ago, Aussieflyer38 said:

Could somebody advise me as to where I might find them.


I have both of these installed and they do show up under My Products in Central.

2S1 Vashon Island Airport is listed under the Airports section and PNW Ferries is listed under Other.


In the Store section in Central, they are also listed under Airports and Other. 

Both titles are in white text and there is a green circle and check mark indicating that they are installed. 

Grey text followed by a gray circle indicates you own it, but it isn't installed.

If you just see gray text and no gray circle, it is not associated with you account.




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Hi Matt,

Thanks for helping, actually this is quite strange. When I downloaded the latest version of Central, I got a updated window that showed ALL my software, freeware and  payware, and it showed what needed to be updated etc. My current Central looks like the old one, so I'm wondering if something has gone wrong with my Orbx system. Pic attached, could you please comment on what you think. Thanks






This looks like the old  Orbx Central to me. I have no idea where the later version would be or how to find it.  


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6 hours ago, Aussieflyer38 said:

This looks like the old  Orbx Central to me.

Your screenshot looks like an older version to me too.


Mine looks like this.




I'm just on the Orbx Beta testing team, not on the support staff, but I think you should be able to just uninstall your current Orbx Central version and then install the current one from the main page.  https://orbxdirect.com/



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Thanks Nick, so how/where do I go to get Orbx Central and which should I have. I getting very confused with this. When the new version of whatever it was Central/Direct was released I installed it, it looked like Matts at the time as I remember the ticks, circles and updates required, but what I have now is nothing like it. I don't know how to uninstall any Orbx software and am always reluctant to mess with it in case I do something that creates problems.

Your help/guidance would be appreciated.



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Hello Don,


Orbx Direct is a website that you can view in your Internet Browser.


Orbx Central is a program that is installed on your PC that also lets

you buy products but enables you to manage them as well.


You will see an icon like this:




in your start menu and possibly on your desktop.

Please use that to open Orbx Central.

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