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Hello John.


Nice shots from my country. I also have the Orbx The Netherlands TE on my computer and enjoy flying around.

You made 15 shots and I saw places I recognized and maybe it is nice to know where you was.


Shot no. 1 :  you started at Groningen Airport EELDE  , EHGG,  on runway heading 05

no.2 :            turning to the west before the city of Groningen   (the city is a couple of miles north of EHGG)

no. 3 :           heading south above a holiday resort near a very small town called....... Amerika.

no. 4 :          the same little lake.

no. 5:           the city of Drachten. The airfield of Drachten , EHDR , is not visible but is on the right hand corner.

no. 6:           heading south and above the trees in the National Park Smilde.

no. 7:           I do not know where this is. sorry.

no. 8 :          still heading south above Giethoorn. The lake is called:  Bovenwiede

no. 9:          this lake is called:  Beulakkerwijde. Is north of the city of Zwartsluis.

no. 10:        Above the town called  Twello (my brother lives there). Your heading is west and you were almost above  Teuge Airport, EHTE.

                     In the middle of the screen you see the city of Deventer. On the top left you can see a small green strip (trees). This is another  (small) National park and I live there in a town 

                     called Holten.

no. 11:         crossing the highway A2 near the town of Beesd

no. 12:         the water you can see is Het Hollands Diep and the town on the right is Klundert.

no. 13:         City of Rotterdam

no. 14:         The lake is : Braassemermeer  , just  a couple of miles south of Schiphol Airport EHAM

no. 15.:        City of Amsterdam.


I hope you like my reply.


Best regards






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