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2020-02-29T18:59:12.048Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.1
2020-02-29T18:59:12.049Z [INFO] [Main] - Windows_NT 10.0.18363
2020-02-29T18:59:12.049Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env APPDATA: C:\Users\goldo\AppData\Roaming
2020-02-29T18:59:12.049Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env PROGRAMDATA: C:\ProgramData
2020-02-29T18:59:12.050Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env LOCALAPPDATA: C:\Users\goldo\AppData\Local
2020-02-29T18:59:12.098Z [INFO] [Main] - Booting splashscreen.
2020-02-29T18:59:14.051Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Loaded
2020-02-29T18:59:14.053Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Checking for updates...
2020-02-29T18:59:14.054Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Racing update check with timeout...
2020-02-29T18:59:14.054Z [INFO] [Main] - Checking for update
2020-02-29T18:59:15.615Z [INFO] [Main] - Update for version 4.1.1 is not available (latest version: 4.1.1, downgrade is disallowed).
2020-02-29T18:59:15.616Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] No updates available.
2020-02-29T18:59:15.616Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Boot requested.
2020-02-29T18:59:15.617Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Ready to launch application.
2020-02-29T18:59:15.617Z [INFO] [Main] - Application ready to start.
2020-02-29T18:59:15.617Z [INFO] [Main] - Creating main application window.
2020-02-29T18:59:16.393Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onStartupEvent fired.
2020-02-29T18:59:16.478Z [INFO] [Central::AppComponent] - Version 4.1.1
2020-02-29T18:59:16.615Z [ERROR] [Central::AuthService] - Failed to parse auth token.
2020-02-29T18:59:17.400Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Using Saturn binary from C:\Users\goldo\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\saturn-win\OrbxCentralWorker.exe
2020-02-29T18:59:18.232Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Saturn active. Version 4.1.1
2020-02-29T18:59:18.384Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Attempting to listen on
2020-02-29T18:59:18.387Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Listening started
2020-02-29T18:59:18.389Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Waiting for a connection
2020-02-29T18:59:18.734Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Socket connected.
2020-02-29T18:59:18.734Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Connected to Saturn.
2020-02-29T18:59:18.736Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Connected to client
2020-02-29T18:59:23.409Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.1
2020-02-29T18:59:23.409Z [INFO] [Main] - Windows_NT 10.0.18363
2020-02-29T18:59:23.409Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env APPDATA: C:\Users\goldo\AppData\Roaming
2020-02-29T18:59:23.410Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env PROGRAMDATA: C:\ProgramData
2020-02-29T18:59:23.410Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env LOCALAPPDATA: C:\Users\goldo\AppData\Local
2020-02-29T18:59:23.481Z [INFO] [Main] - Booting splashscreen.
2020-02-29T18:59:23.546Z [ERROR] [Central::AuthService] - Failed to parse auth token.
2020-02-29T19:00:22.340Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Disconnected from Saturn.
2020-02-29T19:00:22.340Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - The Orbx Central worker process failed to start. Please check the user guide for troubleshooting advice at http://Orbx.to/central-guide - closed with code 1 - null
2020-02-29T19:00:26.092Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Using Saturn binary from C:\Users\goldo\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\saturn-win\OrbxCentralWorker.exe
2020-02-29T19:00:26.174Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Saturn active. Version 4.1.1
2020-02-29T19:00:26.205Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Attempting to listen on
2020-02-29T19:00:26.208Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Listening started
2020-02-29T19:00:26.209Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Waiting for a connection
2020-02-29T19:00:26.676Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Socket connected.
2020-02-29T19:00:26.676Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Connected to Saturn.
2020-02-29T19:00:26.678Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Connected to client
2020-02-29T19:00:59.424Z [INFO] [Main] - Orbx Central - 4.1.1
2020-02-29T19:00:59.424Z [INFO] [Main] - Windows_NT 10.0.18363
2020-02-29T19:00:59.425Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env APPDATA: C:\Users\goldo\AppData\Roaming
2020-02-29T19:00:59.425Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env PROGRAMDATA: C:\ProgramData
2020-02-29T19:00:59.425Z [DEBUG] [Main] - env LOCALAPPDATA: C:\Users\goldo\AppData\Local
2020-02-29T19:00:59.463Z [INFO] [Main] - Booting splashscreen.
2020-02-29T19:00:59.790Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Loaded
2020-02-29T19:00:59.793Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Checking for updates...
2020-02-29T19:00:59.793Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Racing update check with timeout...
2020-02-29T19:00:59.794Z [INFO] [Main] - Checking for update
2020-02-29T19:01:01.526Z [INFO] [Main] - Update for version 4.1.1 is not available (latest version: 4.1.1, downgrade is disallowed).
2020-02-29T19:01:01.527Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] No updates available.
2020-02-29T19:01:01.528Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Boot requested.
2020-02-29T19:01:01.528Z [INFO] [Main] - [Main::Splash] Ready to launch application.
2020-02-29T19:01:01.528Z [INFO] [Main] - Application ready to start.
2020-02-29T19:01:01.528Z [INFO] [Main] - Creating main application window.
2020-02-29T19:01:02.297Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onStartupEvent fired.
2020-02-29T19:01:02.379Z [INFO] [Central::AppComponent] - Version 4.1.1
2020-02-29T19:01:02.514Z [ERROR] [Central::AuthService] - Failed to parse auth token.
2020-02-29T19:01:03.306Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Using Saturn binary from C:\Users\goldo\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central\saturn-win\OrbxCentralWorker.exe
2020-02-29T19:01:03.405Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Saturn active. Version 4.1.1
2020-02-29T19:01:03.438Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Attempting to listen on
2020-02-29T19:01:03.441Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Listening started
2020-02-29T19:01:03.443Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Waiting for a connection
2020-02-29T19:01:03.907Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Socket connected.
2020-02-29T19:01:03.907Z [INFO] [Central::IpcService] - Connected to Saturn.
2020-02-29T19:01:03.909Z [INFO] [Saturn] - Connected to client
2020-02-29T19:06:02.402Z [INFO] [Central::InstallationService] - Checking for outdated products. Found 0.
2020-02-29T19:11:02.314Z [INFO] [Central::AuthService] - Refreshing session...
2020-02-29T19:11:02.698Z [INFO] [Central::AuthService] - Session refresh failed (status 422)
2020-02-29T19:11:02.710Z [DEBUG] [Central::CoordinatorService] - Coordinator: onLogout fired.




Operating system:  Win 10 1863

Simulator:  X Plane 11


Issue:  Orbx central opens in taskbar then screen disappears but icon remains


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