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Flight schedule changes by SAA, ongoing


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When I did this flight in the sim, we were booked on it: SA264 from Johannesburg to Munich. Departing - unfortunately - in darkness...



... and it remained dark over the entire continent. This would not be a too interesting flight.



At least, we got something to recognize over northern Italy: Bolzano, which we have often passed by car.





This is the Brenner Autobahn, ...



... ending at Innsbruck.



After crossing the northern alps ...







... we could spot the Starnberger See, ...



... and the STAR is set over Munich city.





The disadvantage of dropping an airport into a meadow area like the Erdinger Moos: You often have limited visibility.



But it got better, finally.





Parked in Munich, ready for deboarding.



And just after completing this virtual preparation for a real flight, South African Airways announced they will stop their services to Munich and rebook all passengers to Frankfurt, using brand-new A350-900s. I should have instantly repeated this flight, but - forgive me - I´ll do this only after release of openLC Africa...

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4 hours ago, Caluma65 said:

These are superb Stillwater, i'm struggling to pick a favourite!!  Cheers,


Thank you Calum, what a compliment!


1 hour ago, Jack Sawyer said:

They’re ok but I usually set it to daylight so people can see them.  No offense.

You are right Jack, I usually also try to see more of the scenery. In this case I preferred the real time - and I did not expect to loose much without OLC.


2 minutes ago, VH-KDK said:

Wonderful images Gerold, the scenery looks great in the half light and I liked going over The Alps.

I also enjoyed the magnificent morning light and these fantastic mountains.

2 minutes ago, VH-KDK said:

I saw this at Frankfurt last year and I thought it was waiting to pick you up except there was no red carpet!

Good pick, and I could not be there because of the missing carpetB)!

Your photo shows one of the reasons for SAAs financial imperfection: They leave South Africa in the evening to fly over night and drop the passengers in the morning for their connections. Then they leave Europe in the next evening to fly home over night and drop the passengers in the morning for their connections. What is very time-saving for the paxes, makes the airline having huge planes to wait useless for approx. 10 hours between each flights.

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