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Central Hangs when installing Florida


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Operating system:  Win10 (i7 9700k, 48gb ram, 335gb free of 1.8tb)

Simulator:  XP11

Screenshot:  N/A

Issue:  Orbx Central completes the download stage but does not continue with install, instead hangs on "Extracted: 0/106385 Converted: 0/13052". Resource manager shows PC idling. Since yesterday, I have reinstalled Central a couple times and attempted to re download/install Florida HD 3 times. In the end, it still hangs.



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Hi Nick,


Thank you for the reply. All system requirements are installed. I tried installing on a different (slower 5400RPM) drive and it worked. So now I'm starting to think there may be an issue with the 7200RPM SSHD (has anyone else tried installing on a SSHD?) that I originally attempted to install on. I'm going to use Orbx as an excuse to finally purchase an NVMe drive today, and if there are further hanging issues then I will reply.


Thanks again.

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