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preview EGTB Wycombe Air Park by Pilot Plus xp11.

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This is a dream come true for me.

Wycombe Air Park or RAF Booker as I will always remember it was the cradle of aviation for me.

It was here as an 11-year-old that I took to the air for the first time in my life.

First of all in a Slingsby T31 glider belonging to the RAF Chilterns Gliding Club.

The winch-launched flight lasted all of 3 minutes but it ignited a lifelong passion for flying.

This was later followed by a brief circuit of Booker in a J3 Cub operated by the USAF flying club  that was based at the airfield.

From thereon there was no looking back!

In subsequent years every spare day was spent there - either flying in T31 or T21 gliders or getting rides as an ATC cadet with the RAF Bomber Command communications flight at the airfield.

I managed to clock up around 200 hours in Avro Ansons and Hunting Percival Pembrokes flying to RAF airbases all over the UK as far afield as Stornoway, as well as occasional forays to France, Germany and the Channel Isles.

On quiet days when no flights were scheduled friendly Flight Lieutenant Austin Sullivan would take me up in a DHC Chipmunk for some dual instruction - heady stuff for a 14-year-old!

So Booker (can't bring myself to say Wycombe Airpark) holds a very special place in my heart and I'm delighted that ORBX/Pilot Plus have recreated it in XP11.

There will be so many flights to recreate and so many memories reignited.


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Another excellent set Iain.

Lot of detail  coming through & the cars get more & more realistic. 17th shot down , the grill looks like its a Saab?

4th shot from the  bottom shows plenty of clutter & 'grittiness". 5th from the bottom, a few weeds poking out of the asphalt.

Nice touches.


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