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preview Official trailer for Kos by Gaya Simulations

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An hour ago, I was informed of the publication of LGKO and I therefore went to the GAYA site, where I entered my code (coupon).
I immediately downloaded KOS for X Plane 11 and installed it by clicking on the Setup icon named "Gaya_Simulations_Kos_XP11". The installation was successful.

I launched X Plane, but the default scene appeared.
I flew all around the island and saw that the landscapes were basic.

So I left X Plane and consulted the file "scenery_packs.ini", but no "LGKO" is there.

I searched for the sequence "LGKO" in the Custom scenery folder and no file contains these letters.

I launched X Plane a second time and the same problem occurred.

I opened my Orbx Central software and the LGKO scene does not appear there.

I want to know if I made a mistake or forgot something.
Do we have to register?
If yes, I do not see where?

Thank you for helping me.



KOS (2).jpg

KOS (1).jpg

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Hi there, 

The coupon version is NOT connected to Orbx Central. 

Orbx Central is only for customers who bought without a coupon (regular purchased). 

Please contact us by one of the following way to solve your issue:

1. our Facebook page - now alive. 

2. our dedicated support form here in orbx forums (scroll down and it's under the "partners" section). 


we will be very happy to assist you there and make Kos working for you asap.



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1. Seems like you are using Ortho4XP tiles. For the we included a custom made apt.dat files who make the airport blend with O4XP and also give you nice slope runway. Please follow the user manual for exact instructions where to find the correspond apt.dat and how to install it. 

2. as for the roads- that's by purpose. the XP default roads are very bad following the oaths real roads. We made exclusion for the XP default roads but keep the traffic and the road light. 




There is no any difference between the versions itself. 

However, we will stop give official support for the giveaway entrants, while for the customers who purchased it via Orbx we will continue to give support in the dedicated forum here on Orbx forums.


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