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active Orbx Central just won't stop running!

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Greetings my friends at Orbx! A couple of days ago I decided to migrate my Northern California TE from my hard drive to a external SSD in order to free up some space. I began the move, but after a few minutes decided to cancel it. At that time the status bar just kept moving showing that it was canceling and just kept going on and on. I logged out and logged back in hoping that would put a end to the process. No luck, as it picked up the migration again and I canceled it once again. Same result. The bar just kept moving along and never stopped. I went as far as to using the Windows task manager and stopping any running Orbx items. Again, as soon as I started up Orbx Central, it started migrating again and wouldn't stop when I cancelled it. I've got a couple updates that need to be accomplished, but they're stuck in queue waiting for the No. Cal. TE migration to be finished, or canceled. I don't even want to purchase anything else from you as I'm worried that I won't be able to download and install them until this issue is finally taken care of! Hope you can be of assistance with this problem. Many thanks in advance for your help!






Operating system:  






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