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resolved TE GB South: Strange land after the coastline near Shoreham

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I've had TEGB instaled for a while but today was one of the first times I'd seen the South coast in recent times, as there was actually a break in the cloud (you probably don't believe but there was a gap I promise :D ). However, I came across some very odd looking land. It's like some sort of town is showing on the channel that fades to a sandy colour before a cut in the texture, where it goes back to water, as it should be. Now, I didn't realise the tide went out that much and definitely didn't know that there is a hidden underwater city there to be revealed. :P


I had a search about but couldn't find any threads I checked countless threads called "TE GBS Issues" or something vague like that with no luck. So, I do apologise if I have missed them.








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On 2/5/2020 at 5:57 PM, Nick Cooper said:


can you post a copy of your scenery.cfg file please?

Thanks Nick, I tried various things via ORBX central and it finally sorted itself out. I think the library ordering via ORBX central can get a little temperamental. But all sorted for now at least. Thanks anyway Nick.

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