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Global openLC Africa Libya sand.

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Nice, however the true test for me is Cape Town, Table Mountain and the harbour.


 Changing  tac sad to see that some textures used iN Aeroworx bush’s trip sceneries are Not compatible with P3D v4.5 and just show black objects as did OZx Lib objects before they were converted, fortunately still have v4.3 while I search for another source of good SA bush strips

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2 hours ago, Eberhard Haberkorn said:

You will be surprised how beautiful the desert in RL is. I love the Namibian desert!


Living in semi desert area adjacent to the Sahara and can only confirm the beauty of desert land...

Anxiously waiting for the release...


Usually when Iain start spitting pictures, the release is not that far away anymore. :)

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It’s certainly looking good Iain but am afraid I do not use P3Dv4 very much now, more into XPlane and probably it will not get converted in my lifetime unfortunately. I was stationed in Libya for two years in the RAF at a place called RAF Idris. Not sure if I’ve spelt that right. It was only a Staging Airfield, plus a few miles from the Airfield there was a bombing range so it got quite busy some times. So there was not a lot to do there but trust the RAF they did have a Cricket green. So it was great for sitting under the few trees there and watching the cricket and drinking a few beers B). Happy days. Derek.

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Speaking of Africa...

I just learned about (thanks to a Google splashscreen on my computer) about the Abu Simbel temples, Aswan, Nubia, Egypt (southeast corner of Egypt, and off the southeast end of Abu Simbel airport, HEBL, which you can see in the top middle of the image below, with the location of the temples near the bottom in the image)

P3Dv4.5 Default area of the temples and the Abu Simbel airport in the distance:


I wonder if the temples will be modelled in openLC Africa...


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17 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Yes i will do more very soon.



Cheers Iain,


would you mind taking us to FTTR and show us the Tibesti Range, or to DAAT for the Ahaggar? There are beautiful mountain ranges and the desert is not all sand, so I'd be very interested to see what Orbx did there.

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