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Milviz Beaver DHC-3 purchase download STOPS at 35%

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Okay being a long time ORBX customer since beginning I decided

to buy their new Milviz aircraft the DHC-3 Beaver 

I own 3 other planes and I have the MVAMS installed

MVAMS is their configurator and when you buy a new plane it gets added


When you buy a plane the aircraft is installed first then the MVAMS is updated


your installation system does the MVAMS before the aircraft and it stops at 35%


and it freezea the whole process


Please address this problem


Orbx has agreed to refund my money


I would like the aircraft from ORBX


ORBX Central is the best system in Flight Sim






Gmail - [Orbx Simulation Systems] Re_ Milviz purchase refund.pdf

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this is not my sphere of knowledge, I have moved your topic to the Orbx Central forum

where it will be seen by the Orbx Central developers.

The first question they will ask is can you attach a copy of the Orbx Central log.

You can open it in Orbx Central using the Open tab on the Help page and then save a copy of the file

before attaching that copy to your next post.


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Hello, thanks.

Are you unable to cancel the installation process for the update to MVAMS?

It is such a small download, the installation here is almost instant.

I can see that yours is not working as it should but will have to leave the diagnosis

to the Orbx Central developers, who are all in Australia, where it is presently 01.45 hrs.

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