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active PAKT GSE underground

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you were supposed to read this post:



Anyone having problems with floating gates with GSX/FSDT airports: Addons menu -> GSX -> Customize Airport Positions.  In the box that appears, top right corner there is an airport elevation box. Click the airplane next to that box to set the GSX elevation to your airplane's current altitude. This will get all your jetways and other GSX stuff back on the ground.


which is the one displayed if you click on "lainceline replied to the topic".

It refers to GSX, rather than any specific airport.


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At the moment, I am not sure.

I cannot make it work as it should.

It is most unlikely that it can be fixed, its developer left long ago

but up to now, it has always been possible to make it work.

Just now though, the fix I used to publish seems not to work in this

latest version of P3D v4. Please stand by.

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