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Milviz Aircraft 407 helicopter installation

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purchased milviz 407 along with two other files, "San Diego Intl", & "Charleston City".  Attempted to install with Orbx Central and results was "A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action",  for all three files.  Switched over to FTX Central 3 and installed "San Diego Intl", & "Charleston City", with no problem.  Milviz 407 will not install and cannot locate a zip file. When doing a manual download, I only receive a Adobe file , " Aircraft Manual", in which Adobe Acrobat Reader cannot open. FTX Central cannot find a file. 


What is the answer to this problem.

Thanks to any one who can help.


Lonnie Carrington

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Hi Lonnie, welcome to the forums


The Milviz products cannot be installed using FTX Central 3.


For the "A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action" issue, please ensure you have the system requirements installed as per the user guide found at settings/help/user guide within Orbx Central, and listed below.



System Requirements


Windows 7 SP1+, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are supported. The following components need to be installed for Central to function correctly:



Additional Requirements for Windows 7 and 8


macOS High Sierra (10.13) or later is required.


Compatibility may vary from distro to distro. Orbx Central uses .NET Core 3 and exact requirements for Linux compatibility can be found below:


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