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Latest PC Pilot issue John Venema interview, road ahead

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An insightful John Venema interview in the latest issue of PC Pilot.  I was particularly interested in responses to questions about 2019/20.


JV mentioned a roadmap of 91 new products and ports for XP11, between now (date of interview) and June 30, 2020. As a P3D4.5 user I was particularly interested in his estimate of the release of 125 products for 2019/20. I’m assuming that figure includes releases this past year and those to come and a number of XP11 releases and ports. I think I have interpreted that correctly from the interview.


In addition JV mentions publishing from third-party companies, who under the ORBX banner, will be releasing “many aircraft”. In the article he specifies the Mark XIV Spitfire in development by Echo Papa Developments. Now “in-house” to ORBX.


Exciting times ahead, thanks JV and all ORBX staff - including the newcomers.


Merry Christmas,




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