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True earth great Britain north and south


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Thanks for your reply Nick.


What I am basically saying is that if I install all 3 True Earth Great Britain products and use them then is it better for me to uninstall all my other EU scenery products as I would be using the new 3 products instead.


Just need direction lion that is all.


Many thanks,



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Hello Michael,


I think that the answer is yes.

You can of course just disable them in the scenery library

and they will still be there if you wanted to use them but not active.


If you are not concerned about the lack of snow in January and

February, then you  should probably uninstall them.


The EU products and the TEGB products are independent of each

other and apart from the Orbx Libraries require no other software.

If TEGB is active, the EU products will be entirely excluded.

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