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Orbx Central cleanup?


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Operating system:  Win7

Simulator:  all


Issue:  Orbx Central consistently fails to update


For quite a while now, I've had issues with Central failing to complete an update. The problems vary, sometimes I got a fairly generic error message (one of those "an error has occurred" types of thing), and sometimes it would download the .7z package ok but then hang.


I've always managed to get it sorted manually, usually by unzipping the package myself and copying the files across, but it is getting a bit tiresome. I have uninstalled, downloaded it and reinstalled it twice now, and yet I still have problems - the latest attempt to go from 4.0.27 to 4.0.33 just freezing on me after the package was downloaded.


I've attached my log file. The first entry shows the failed update attempt, and seems to imply a problem with Powershell? The bulk of the log file entries simply show the GBS update after I had manually gotten Central itself updated. So I have two questions -


1) Is the powershell thing the likely cause of all my problems? Do I need a specific release level?


2) What folders should remain on my system after a successfull update of Central? I'm wondering if my previous attempts to remove and reinstall have been incomplete and maybe something has been left behind that is screwing things up. Maybe even registry entries?


It would be nice to get this sorted so that I don't keep having to get experimental every time there's an update.


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Thanks Nick, no great urgency anyway so happy to wait and see if I get any response. I'll go ahead and see what my Powershell status is and see if there's an upgrade available. Might as well give Microsoft a chance to hose my system - it'll give me something to do over christmas.

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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @andy1252,


The powershell error you've seen in the logs indicates that your PC has powershell 2 installed whereas Windows has been on powershell >3 since Windows 7 SP1. This hasn't stopped the Orbx Central upgrade process as it proceeds regardless. However it is an indicator that your PC is potentially missing some prerequisites.


If you wish to perform a clean install or Orbx Central, you'll need to perform an normal uninstall through Settings -> Apps. Also ensure that the %localappdata%\orbx-central-updater and %appdata%\Orbx\Central directories are removed.

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Hi @Josh Koz,


thanks for that. I have already updated my powershell setup (don't know why it was that old, I'm running w7pro sp1) and I found I'd turned off Windows Updates about a year ago (I remembered then I'd had recurring failures with a repeating update that wouldn't install). Turned them back on, somewhat reluctantly, but all seems to be ok with that now. Guess I'll just wait for the next Central update now and see what happens. If I get any more problems I'll uninstall/reinstall again but double check the relevant drectories are removed before the reinstall. I have been using the windows "pgms" option in control panel, so that should have taken care of things, but hey . . .


I guess I'll have to move up to Win10 now anyway. I've got a copy set up for dual booting and am slowly getting stuff re-located. Ok with XP and the Steam stuff, but not looking forward to reinstalling (in effect) all the P3D stuff. I don't want to just "upgrade" my WIn 7 setup - that just carries across any nasties/weirdies that might be lurking in the settings.


Thanks for taking a look.

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