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BUG REPORT - KTIW Missing Spinners

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While the KTIW Tacoma Narrows Airport looks superb, once I noticed the spinners are missing off the Cessna type static aircraft I couldn't stop seeing this issue! Not ORBX usual standard I know. I have checked a couple of other airfields and it appears to be a KTIW only issue. Has anybody else spotted this issue? Attached Log and scenery_packs files.

Please check the three static aircraft behind my C177 in the attached photo below:-

KTIW missing Spinner.jpg

scenery_packs.ini Log.txt

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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to BUG REPORT - KTIW Missing Spinners
4 hours ago, Jon Clarke said:

Well spotted regarding the Propeller spinner cones being missing. I will ask @Nick Cooper to put this in the BUG report section.

In the meantime I have rearranged your scenery_packs a bit as some of the entries were incorrectly and potentially could cause visual anomalies.

scenery_packs.ini 6.68 kB · 1 download

Thanks for the rearranged scenery_packs file Jon, I've copied it over.

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Hi John,


I purchaged KTIW yesterday and installed the airport in Orbx washington TE.   I didn't noticed it at first but indeed

you are right, all parked ga aircrafts are missing the propeller cone. No doubt Orbx will adress this bug and resolve this in a future update.

We"ll have to be patient.

Thanks for pointing this out.

have a nice flight and many good landings,



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